Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Wedding Photography Thorpe Park Hotel, Leeds | Katie and Craig's Wedding

Katie and her mum came to see us at a wedding fair in the spring, only a few months ahead of her wedding, and we were delighted when she booked us on the day. Usually, we have a long time to get to know our couples before their wedding but it seemed that no sooner had Katie secured our services, it had come round to the big day!

Katie was out getting her hair done when we arrived at her house.  Her mum was holding the fort and trying to keep Katie and Craig's children, Alex and Poppy, entertained.  Alex kept popping his head around the bedroom door as we were photographing his mum's accessories as he had a very important accessory of his own which had wanted photographs of - Penguin!  We had to oblige and get this gorgeous little boy the photographs he wanted so we sat him on mum and dad's bed and took a few shots of him and Penguin together.  Lucky Penguin was even invited to the wedding!

Katie's dress was just fabulous and she was our very first bride in a short dress.  She'd told us that she'd decided from the outset that this was what she wanted but had found it difficult to find short dresses.  Understandably, Katie preferred to wait until the last minute to put her dress on but as she wanted some photographs of her mum fastening it, she decided to go ahead and get into it before we left.  The lace detail on it was absolutely lovely.

As this was our second wedding this weekend, we didn't dare to hope that we'd be lucky a second time round with the weather but happily, we were.  In fact, the strong wind we'd had issues with the previous day had completely dropped and Katie and Craig had the most perfect weather you could wish for in October.

On arrival at Thorpe Park, we decided to use a plain stone wall for some portraits of Craig and his best man, Phillip, and it was a good job that we started these straight away as Craig was summoned by the registrar and kept upstairs in the ceremony room just in case Katie arrived early.  The registrars were great though, allowing us to photograph from the front as Katie and Craig made their vows to each other.

Drinks were served to all the guests and a magician captivated the children and kept them entertained whilst we started on the group shots outside in the courtyard.  Katie and Craig had been generous with timings which meant everyone could relax and enjoy the drinks reception and we didn't have to rush to complete the photographs before everyone sat for dinner.  There was a Take That theme going on with the tables named after the band's records, the main table being called Greatest Day.  Not sure if it's Katie who's a fan or Craig and we couldn't seem to find Gary, Robbie, Mark, Howard or Jason anywhere!

Although Katie's taste was for more relaxed and informal images, Craig really wanted a few artistic photographs around the interior of the venue and as Thorpe Park Hotel wedding photographers, we had a couple of locations in mind for these - the staircase and the lift - both fantastic locations but we didn't anticipate the patience that would be needed to get them!  The lift was the biggest challenge.  Every time we tried to set up a shot, someone wanted to use the lift and each time we were almost there and ready to press to the shutter, a recording told us to remove the obstruction stopping the doors from closing, the "obstruction" being beautiful bride Katie and her handsome new hubby Craig!  Anyway, we think it was worth the time, patience and the funny looks we got from passers by!

Our last jobs of the day were presenting an evening slideshow of some of our favourite images before capturing the newlyweds' first dance together, joined by Alex and Poppy.  A real family first dance!

Thank you Mr and Mrs Hall for the pleasure of sharing your wedding day.

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