Friday, 30 August 2013

Rogerthorpe Manor Hotel Wedding Photographers | Laura and Lee

As Rogerthorpe Manor wedding photographers, it's always a huge pleasure to work at this lovely venue and even better when you get to spend the day documenting the celebrations of such a great couple.  It's hard to imagine a more happy and radiant bride than Laura.  She was a star to work with and her happiness at marrying Lee and her enthusiasm for her photographs was obvious throughout the day. 

We arrived at Rogerthorpe Manor well ahead of the civil ceremony in the Lawrence Suite to play around with Laura's dress, shoes, jewellery and flowers and also to capture some make-up photos before we made the short trip downstairs to find Lee, who was feeling a bit nervous.  We kept him and his boys occupied for a while and it was nice to see Dom again, one of Lee's best men, whose wedding to his lovely Laura we photographed a while back and who recommended us to Laura and Lee.  We are very grateful for this.

When Lee was stolen by the registrars, we made our way back upstairs to Laura and her proud dad to capture the final preparations and a few portraits before the ceremony, which was quite emotional.  The couple were presented with champagne by Karen, our friend and one of Rogerthorpe Manor Hotel's dedicated wedding co-ordinators, and it was evident in Lee's face that he was relieved that the formalities were over!  He and his bride stepped out into the glorious summer sunshine and we gathered everyone together on the lawn for the group photos and confetti followed by a short couple portrait session before we left them to have some mingling time whilst we photographed the Lawrence Suite and the table details, from which there was more than a hint that Laura and Lee are fans of the TV series 24!

Once everyone had enjoyed a fabulous wedding breakfast, the speeches were over and gifts had been presented, we headed outside into the sunshine again.  Now it does seem wrong to complain about the sun when we'd much rather have that than rain.  However, professional wedding photographers know that blazing sunshine sometimes stops you from taking photographs in specific places as you can have one area of brightness and another in deep shadow.  As we had certain ideas in mind for Laura and Lee's photographs after dinner, we had to wait it out until the sun went down and the light was much softer, so as soon as we could, we spent some time with a very enthusiastic Laura around the grounds whilst Lee enjoyed a beer.

We'd already planned on some shots in a nearby wheat field, weather permitting, so we ran the idea by them.  With a fun couple, a field of golden wheat, a gin clear blue sky and a hot pink umbrella to play with, we had an amazing time and got some stunning images which we hope Laura and Lee will love as much as we do.

The new Mr and Mrs Russell were welcomed back by their guests and shortly afterwards they took to the floor for their first dance.  We think Lee was relieved when this was over and he was happy to let Laura's dad take over for a father and daughter dance.  The final images before we said goodnight were some twilight photographs, which involved setting up in advance, ready to call the couple out at exactly the right time, but this turned out not to be necessary as Laura was outside already, very excited and raring to go!

A huge thank you guys for booking us and for being amazing to work with!  Couples like you are the reason we love our job so much!

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All images are copyright Alex & Janet Durasow, A D Photography.

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