Monday, 5 August 2013

Wedding Photographer The Huntsman Inn, Holmfirth | Rebecca and Matthew

Our second wedding of the weekend saw us as wedding photographers at The Huntsman Inn, Holmfirth, a brand new venue for us, and we had a complete and not very welcome change in the weather, from the blazing sunshine and sweltering conditions of Friday, to misty and fairly constant fine drizzle on Sunday.  There wasn't enough of the wet stuff to force us inside or to dampen anyone's spirits, but just enough to know it was there, with proper rain threatening all day.  When it's like this, we ignore it and carry on and so did Becca and Matthew.  

This was a single location wedding which started with Becca getting ready upstairs with the girls.  They had two adjoining rooms so we were given the beautiful bridal suite to work in which has gorgeous decor and upholstery.  At least Janet thought it was gorgeous, being a girl, and she insisted on it being featured in a few of the girly images, including a pair of very high and very striking shoes. 

We kept the boys occupied for a while in the grounds of the venue and then checked with the registrars for any "rules' regarding the ceremony.  It was nice to hear that there weren't any and it's been great just lately as we've had the pleasure of working with the most accommodating and helpful vicars and registrars.  We left Matthew with his guests and returned to Becca who was now in her lovely, elegant dress.

After the civil ceremony, everyone gathered for a big group shot and confetti, we rattled through the family photos and this left us with plenty of time for some laughs with a great fun bridal party and Becca and Matthew's photographs together. For Huntsman Inn wedding photography, the grounds are compact but the setting is lovely, surrounded by fields and open countryside.  A wooden shed made a great backdrop for some portraits and although many people would have walked past it without a second look, it made a good neutral background for some portraits of a handsome groom and a gorgeous bride.

This was a relaxed and very informal wedding day.  After we'd photographed the room and table details, everyone sat for the wedding breakfast and we captured the speeches which were before dinner, which we think is a great idea, especially if anyone is at all nervous.  It allows a dad, groom or best man with jitters to get their speech done and then enjoy their meal.

Proper rain managed to hold off and meant we could get outside again for a few more portraits before it was first dance and party time.  Becca and Matthew were great to work with and happy to spend time with us outside even though it was a bit on the chilly side. Couples like them make our job such a pleasure and it was a huge privilege to share their day full of love, laughter and a few tears.

Thank you Mr and Mrs Chappell for booking us for your wedding photography at The Huntsman Inn, Holmfirth.  We look forward to seeing you soon and to designing a beautiful storybook for you.

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