Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Rogerthorpe Manor Wedding Photographer | Lianne and Barrie

Our third wedding of an extremely busy weekend saw us as wedding photographers at St John the Baptist Church, Wentbridge to capture Lianne and Barrie's marriage, followed by their celebrations with their family and friends at Rogerthorpe Manor Hotel.

We covered Lianne's preparations at home first and as everything ran perfectly to time, we were able to get a few photographs as her elegant dress was fastened by her mum and as Lianne applied her finishing touches, including wearing a bracelet with a shamrock charm which was in honour of her granddad, who is Irish, and who sadly couldn't be there to see his granddaughter get married.  

Barrie, his best women, Becky, and the boys, arrived at the church not long after we did and we soon had the groom's portraits done, leaving Barrie to welcome his guests whilst we photographed the bridesmaids ahead of Lianne's arrival.  Although it's the first time we've worked at this pretty church, we already knew the vicar's policy on photography, as he ministers at several churches in the area.  It's strictly from the back only, which is most definitely better than no photographs at all.

It was probably asking too much for the weather to behave itself for three consecutive full days and it kept changing from bright sunshine one minute to threatening rain the next. Luckily, it did manage to hold off until we got to Rogerthorpe Manor, at which point it tipped it down and out come our brollies.  Pleas for it to stop must have worked and by the time the newly married couple arrived, we were back to warm and dry, at least for a while.  As the threat of the wet stuff was never far away, we worked very quickly through the group photos in an attempt to beat it and avoid having to work indoors.

As Rogerthorpe Manor wedding photographers, we always enjoy working at this lovely venue which is beautiful, has immaculately maintained gardens and where the staff are warm, friendly and helpful.  The food's great too!    

Whilst everyone was enjoying the wedding breakfast, we went to check out a nearby field full of ripening wheat and although it was muddy underfoot, we did think it was worth mentioning to Lianne and Barrie the possibility of some photographs in there.  Not only were they more than willing to give our ideas a try with the promise of some great images, Lianne had a pair of flat shoes with her which did make walking through a wheat field a bit easier and limited the damage to her wedding shoes.  The threat of a soaking was never far away and as we carry several umbrellas in our car for whenever our couples need them, it seemed a good time to bring our purple one out, as it was a close match to the colour scheme Lianne and Barrie had chosen.  We let Lianne loose with it and captured a few arty pictures.

A tall groom and a petite bride are the ideal combination for him to pick her up and this was where a quick change back to Lianne's wedding shoes was needed.  We'd been keeping a close eye on the rain clouds all day but for these images, the thundery and menacing sky really helped to make the images in the field something really special for the couple.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Farr and thank you for booking us to capture your wedding day.  If you are looking for a West Yorkshire wedding photographer, with us you get two and we would love to hear from you.  You can follow us on Facebook here.

Enjoy the images which are copyright Alex & Janet Durasow.

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