Thursday, 4 September 2014

Bagden Hall Wedding Photography | Heather and Micheal

When Heather told us that we would be wedding photographers at the church of St John the Evangelist in Golcar, the name sounded familiar and when we met up with the couple a few weeks before to discuss their Huddersfield wedding photography, we realised that we had photographed a wedding there once before, quite a few years ago. We remembered a particular location at the church and we suggested something to Heather which she was really enthusiastic about.  This visit to the church was very different though because unlike last time, we were lucky enough to have a lovely, friendly vicar who had no issues with us discretely photographing the ceremony, and as there are two of us, this meant closer shots from the front as Heather and Mick exchanged vows and rings, and the longer shots from the back.

We started the Bagden Hall wedding photography as a very excited Heather got ready with her mum and bridesmaids.  The plan was that afterwards we would all make the trip over to her parents' house in Golcar, just a couple of minutes from the church, for photographs with her mum, dad and bridesmaids.  As is often the case, the bridal preparations ran later than everyone had hoped but we arrived at the house ahead of Heather and just managed to grab a few quick pictures there before we had to rush off to the church to meet the boys.  

The weather forecast was a mixed bag but luckily everything fell into place.  We had a particular  artistic bridal portrait in mind for Heather before we all left the church and we got this by the skin of our teeth!  The shot was set up and captured literally seconds before the heavens opened and everyone run for cover.  We had to make a call on whether to photograph the groups inside the church or risk waiting until we arrived at Bagden Hall. Heather and Mick's preference was very much in favour of doing as many photos as possible at the venue, in the gardens, so we decided to chance it, knowing that if the worst came to the worst, Tom, the wedding co-ordinator, would have a room available for us to work in.  

We arrived at Bagden Hall to completely different weather and a smiling Tom.  He's absolutely great, looks after everyone so well, is very considerate to us, and we always seem to be on the same page when it comes to the timings and the fact that we need enough time to do a good job for the couple.  Thank you very much Tom.  He was certainly under a bit more pressure than usual because Heather works in event planning and knows her stuff, but her delighted and emotional reaction when she and Mick came into the room just before the wedding breakfast and saw it all set up must have made Tom's day!

After the wedding breakfast and speeches, we only had a short period of daylight remaining for the new Mr and Mrs Brown's couple photo session in the grounds and there were some important places to use a backdrops before the first dance, the folly being one of them.  We hope that Heather and Mick love the results.

Our congratulations and very best wishes to you both!  If you were a guest, please feel free to leave a comment. 

Looking for a Bagden Hall wedding photographer?  Book us and you get two.  Please give us a call on 01977 730159 to enquire about our availability.  

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