Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Hazlewood Castle Wedding Photography | Natalie and Ben

As Hazlewood Castle wedding photographers we first met Natalie and Ben at a wedding fair at this beautiful venue.  We really hit it off with the couple and their families and they must have felt the same because within a short period of time after chatting to us, they were back to our display stand to secure us for their Hazlewood Castle wedding photography.

The couple have been through some challenging times but Natalie has made us laugh with her refreshing attitude to adversity and to life in general.  It has been a joy and a privilege to get to know them and to finally be there to share their wonderful wedding day, starting in the Lavendar Suite as the girls got ready.  Natalie had laid out everything she wanted us to photograph, including a gorgeous pair of green and gold shoes, because she wanted something very different to the "normal wedding shoes".  There was a lot of giggling going on and we really enjoyed being at the centre of the preparations for the big day.

We were pretty gutted because the weather wasn't great but it's the one thing you can't control.  It rained on and off all day, deciding to throw it down just as we wanted to head outside with Ben.  A few indoor photographs later and there was a bit of a break, allowing us to dash outside and use the lovely stone frontage of the castle for some pictures of the boys, before we returned to Natalie, in her stunning princess dress, to capture an emotional father as he first saw his daughter as a bride.

This was a wedding of two ceremonies, with a civil ceremony in the Old Dining Room, followed by a blessing in the chapel, conducted by Father Ian Walton.  We are always very appreciative of registrars, vicars and priests whose attitude is that this is the couple's day and that we, as professional Yorkshire wedding photographers, should be allowed to capture special moments for our bride and groom.  Thank you to the registrars who conducted Natalie and Ben's civil ceremony and to Ian, who without exception, makes marriage blessings so personal and special.

The weather held on by a thread for just long enough for us get everyone gathered for confetti throwing, followed by a big group photo in the courtyard, and even though it started to drizzle just a little, everyone was more than happy to enjoy champagne and carry on with photographs outside, that was until it started to rain properly, finally forcing everyone inside and meaning we had to photograph the family groups in the State Drawing Room.  We always hope for decent weather for our lovely couples and we can't tell you how much we desperately wanted a break, as we were itching to get outside for a romantic couple photo session and some fun with the bridal party whilst we still had some daylight.

During the wedding breakfast, we got the break in the weather that we wanted.  We've really noticed the days getting shorter and the nights drawing in over the past couple of weeks, as summer gives way to autumn, and we all worked really hard to make the best use of the remaining daylight and get as much variety in Natalie and Ben's images as possible.  A few evening photos were very much part of our plans and after these it was first dance, father and daughter dance, and party time.

Natalie and Ben, congratulations on becoming Mr and Mrs Harris.  It's been a pleasure to get to know you and to share your wedding day.  We enjoyed every single minute of being in your company and that of your family and friends.  Thank you for your infectious enthusiasm which made photographing you a delight.  We hope you love the images which follow and we know that you will have a spectacular wedding album!

If you are looking for something special for your Hazlewood Castle wedding photography, we would love to hear from you.  You are welcome to leave a comment and you can also follow us at  www.facebook.com/YorkshireWeddingPhotographer.  Thank you.

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